Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

West Metro Miracle League

Coaching Program: What you need to know!


If you’ve signed up to be a Coach…..thanks!  You are a HUGE part of our team and are helping out tremendously!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Here is the scoop.  Once you do one game – this will be a piece of cake! 


We have 2 – 4 coaches, assistant coaches and managers for each team. At least one of the coaches need to be at each game.  If you can not make the game, please coordinate with your other coach to ensure someone is there or call Lisa Adzick at 952-474-1452 or 612-865-4621.


Figure out among your coaching staff who will be responsible for sending communications out to the player parents on a weekly basis.  Communications might include:


  • First phone call  / introduction e-mail to each player parent including:
    • Head coach, assistant coach and manager names, phone numbers  and their background
    • Name of team and names of kids on team. Point them to the website as it has all the information you need.
  • Weekly e-mails that showcase the Team Captain for that week (rotate among the kids).  Each player (you might have to double up some games) get to be a Team Captain which means they get to play either catcher or pitcher, represent the team to do the coin toss, bat first, say “1 -2 -3 Go Team” before the game and be just plain old special.The games are on Field 3 at Bennett Family Park.  Check out the schedule on Coaches should come prepared wearing your team hat and team jersey.  Please bring a cooler of ice water with some paper cups on those hot, hot days.Coaches need to get there 15 minutes early to:


The first 15 minutes are “meet your player” time and warm ups. 


    • Get introduced to the Director of the Day….this is another volunteer who is there for the day and will help you get situated.
    • The Director of the Day will get your equipment from the black and white equipment box (combination lock = 8277).   Equipment includes – helmet holder, bats, catcher gear, 2 whiteboards and marker (to write the line-up rotating week to week) and first aide kit.  They will also get your treat tickets.
    • Write your batter line up and the position your player will play on the whiteboard.
    • As the buddy team walks in – gather them up and do a little speech to go over the rules:
      • #1 Keep their player safe (e.g. watch for hard hit flying balls) and
      • #2 Help their player do as much as they can (e.g. – if the ball comes to you, throw it or give it to the player so THEY can try to throw the player out) and
      • #3 Have fun (e.g. talking up the team, the players up to bat, or just talk baseball period)
    • Then start pairing up the buddies and the players and write the buddies name down on the whiteboard.
    • When the buddy meets their player make sure they introduce themselves, ask their players name and their grade and where they go to school.  Their parents will most likely be there and they might give them some special tips on how to work with their child.  Remember – they love baseball too, they just need a little extra help.
    • Tell the buddies where to find a tennis ball and walk the players to the field to warm up.


  • Take the captain of the day over to the pitcher’s mound to flip the coin with the other captain of the day to determine who will bat first.


The next 60 minutes is the game.


    • The announcer will instruct the teams to line up on the 1st and 3rd baseline where they will “introduce” the players and buddies name from the whiteboard.
    • Then everyone will sing the “National Anthem” – hats off
    • Then bring the team in for a huddle and the Captain of the Day gets to say “1 -2 – 3 Go Team”
    • All players need to be in the dugout for safety purposes.  Buddies can be in there too, if there is room.
    • The Team Captain for that week is the first batter – make a big deal.  Everyone will get to be the Team Captain.  You may need to do 2 Team Captains a game if we have 7 games for spring ball.
    • Make sure the batters are ready to go as per the line up.  When a player is up, the buddy should make sure they have a  helmet on (if possible, some of the kids don’t like to wear them) and have a bat.  Let them do as much as possible, but some may need help batting off the tee.
    • When they hit the ball, encourage them to run to first base.  Even if they get out – they stay on the base.  If they want to take more bases, let them steal.  No one gets out, we simply run through the line-up for an inning.  And we play 2 innings so everyone gets up to bat 2 times. In between Inning 1 and 2 we gather everyone at the Pitcher’s Mound and sing “Take me out to the Ballgame”……hey we need a stretch too like the big leaguers!
    • When your team is out in the field – determine whether you have a person that can pitch.  If you do, let them.  If not – we hope that you can throw some balls. Give them 5 tries and then go to a tee.  The Team Captains gets to be the Pitcher or the Catcher.  Make sure that positions are rotated.  Even kids in wheelchairs like to play catcher – so make sure to rotate.  With the buddies help any position is possible.
    • Assist, root for your team and PROTECT THE PLAYER FROM GETTING HIT BY ANY HARD HIT FLY BALL.  Some kids don’t have the coordination to protect themselves from a hard hit, fly ball – so be on the look out and step in.


  • If a player starts to cry or have behavioral issues – try to calm them down.  If that does not work – go get the parent.  We want this to be a positive experience for the whole team.  If one child needs to go regroup or go for a walk – it is the parent who is responsible.  Don’t be shy about asking for help from a parent.


The next 15 minutes are celebrations, chicken dance and clean-up.


  • The Director of the Day will get the treat tickets at the concession stand  for you – 1 for each player and 1 for each buddy , the announcer and the singer(s)
  • After the game, we do the line-up and high fives.  We play the chicken dance on the  CD player.  Give each player and buddy a treat ticket.  Encourage the player to say thanks to the buddy.
  • Put the equipment back in the black and white box if there is not another game that day and lock up!  If you find any items left behind (which you will!), simply bring them into the concession stand to the lost and found box.   Any questions, contact    
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